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A FullMetal Alchemist Multi-Fandom RPG Community
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Welcome to Amestris. The 'State'. Controlled by a government built in the city of Central. A place..where you can rule.

Amestris is a Fullmetal Alchemist Multi-Fandom RPG that's slightly AU. We still have Homunculi, we still have the military, but the gate isn't destroyed completely. Alchemy in Amestris is hitting an all-time high.


1. IC Actions yield IC Consequences. Same as OOC.
2. Rate it! All logs MUST be rated G-R (G, PG, PG13, R)
3. Cuss all you want, but I expect to see some OOC respect. Meaning, no player flaming.
4. No character killing. Discuss with mod if you have objections.
5. Character limit currently: 5
6. If you have questions, ask! That's why the mods are here to help.
7. Have Fun.


~It's rumored that the Homunculi have found each other again, created by some unknown force, though some have new faces. It's also rumored that people are creating another philosophers stone, driven by an invisible force. The Gate may have been destryed, but with more alchemists trying to rebuild it, it may not stay that way.

~The military is back on track, though each city now has it's own individual branch all controled by one single Führer.

~Things change. What else can?

Character Types

Physical Type:
-Chimera: Creatures created by alchemists. Usually, chimeras are failed attempts unless the alchemist knows everything of what they are doing. Usually, more human chimeras still have animal-like qualities. chimera are still generally hunted down by the military.
-Homunculi: Creatures created by alchemists who attempt Human Transmutation. Not all Homunculi are part of the 'sins'. Those that aren't are usually killed.
-Human: The majority of Amestris, of course, is made up of the simple carbon-based creatures. They are the only ones able to use alchemy. You may also be Ishbalan.

-Military (Please specify Branch and Rank if apping this type)
-Alchemist (Please go in depth about your characters alchemy in your bio! Also, Rank!!)
-Shop Owner (Please specify what type of shop)
-Spy/Undercover Agent
-Other; Be Creative!


Applications go here. Use the lower form, please. :D

Messenger (handle/username):

Physical Type:
Driving Force: (Why your character has his/her occupation)
Sample Post:
Sample Journal:

Taken Characters!:

Devil May Cry
-Vergil Other at yamato_soul

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
-Laharl Other at noboobsplz

Final Fantasy VII (BC, AC, DoC, CC)
-Kadaj Major, Ephemeral Alchemist at kadaj_alchemic
-Loz Lt. General, Intelligence Detachments at prideful_loz
-Yazoo Child at candied_moogle

Final Fantasy VIII
-Seifer Sergeant Major, Military Police at seifer_x

House M.D.
-James Wilson Doctor at notagainhouse

Invader Zim
-Dib Spy/Undercover Agent at paranormal_sin
-Professor Membrane Major, Static-Lightning Alchemist at electric_king

Kingdom Hearts (1, CoM, 2)
-Axel Lt. Colonel, Special Forces at axel_x
-Roxas Major, Eclectic Alchemist at alchemize_roxas
-Zexion Lenzo Spy/Undercover Agent at intoruins

Ouran High School Host Club
-Ouran High School Host Club Lady's Club Co-Owner at mamakyouya

-Sakura Kinimoto Military Spy/Undercover Agent at sakurachronicle

-Seto Kaiba Waiter at draconic_seto
-Noa Kaiba Major, The Mecha Alchemist at coinoperatednoa

World of Warcraft
-Nefarian Blackwing Other at blackwingslair

X-Men (Generation X)
-Jonothan Evan Starsmore Major, The Revenant Alchemist at cover_my_holes

-Rubedo/Gaignun Kukai Jr. Brigadier General, Special Forces at rubedo_gunner

Reserved Characters!:

House of House M.D.

Your Moderators:
-Relay @ kandikatt (email: hacker_relay [AT] sbcglobal [DOT] net)
-Renia @ riku_replica (email: angel49200 [AT] msn [DOT] com)
Or you may AIM us at ZionCorps(Relay) and Renia49200(Renia). Don't worry. We don't bite..much...